How do I search for books, movies, music and more in the catalog?

Find library books, music, movies and more is a simple keyword search accessible from any page on the website. Enter a few significant words or “keywords” from your title, subject, etc. in the white box and then click "go". Your list of results will appear sorted by relevance. The number of results is displayed above your list.

How do I renew my materials without going into the library?

Queens Library encourages renewal through "My Account" online or the mobile app, or through the automated telephone renewal system known as CALL (Customer Account Library Line). The telephone number for automated renewals through CALL is 718-990-8508. You will need your 4-digit PIN to renew by telephone or online. You may also renew materials in person at any Queens library or by directly telephoning any of our libraries. Customers do not need to bring items with them when renewing in person, however, they must present their library card or acceptable identification. Most library materials can be renewed up to three times. Interlibrary Loan and Reference materials are not renewable. For more info check My Account.

Can I volunteer at my local library?

Volunteers are hired by individual local libraries. Please call your local library to ask about volunteering, or click Volunteer under Services link on the top menu.

What if I had a card previously but can not find it?

If you have had a card before and it is lost, stolen or expired, please visit any Queens Library location and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

What is the Read Down Your Fees program?

This is a program that allows children and young adults through age 21 to spend time reading in the library to get financial credit to pay for fees charged against their Queens Library cards.

Where can I take part in Read Down Your Fees?

You can take part at any Queens Library. Ask the information desk how to sign up. They will time your reading and give you Library Buck coupon(s). Bring your coupon(s) to the check-out desk for credit.

Do I have to read anything special to Read Down my Fees?

You can read whatever you like. Any library book, magazine, data base or web site is acceptable. You can read in any language.

Is there any way other than reading to take part in the Read Down Your Fees program?

In many libraries, older kids can also read to or with younger children and both of you can get credit for the time. Ask your local librarian if you can volunteer to read to a younger child for the program.

Why can’t people over 21 take part in the Read Down Your Fees program?

Read Down Your Fees is intended to help kids and young adults reduce their outstanding fees so they can use their library cards again. Most kids under 16 don’t have paying jobs. It can also be difficult for young adults. To encourage them to read more, and to help them out, the Queens Library offers this program as a “second chance” to pay off their debt.

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

Yes, as long as you don’t disturb other customers while using your cell phone. We recommend that you silence your phone or put it on vibrate before entering the library.

Are any of the library locations open on Sunday?

Currently, only the Central Library, located in Jamaica, and the Flushing Library on Main Street are open on Sundays. For complete schedule listing for all libraries, please refer to Complete Listing link on the “Hours & Locations” section on the home page.

Is there parking at my local library?

Most libraries only have street parking. Please visit the Parking Info section at your community library for more detailed information.

Are pets allowed in the library?

For security reasons, pets are not allowed unless it is an assistance dog for visually impaired customers.

Does the Queens Library have a blog?

Yes, many of our library staff write posts about educational, cultural, and recreational topics, as well as services and resources. The blog is divided into sections like: Books, Movies, Music, and Technology & Gadgets. See the Blogs page for more topics.

Can I comment on the blog posts?

Yes, we would love to see your comments. You must sign in with your Queens Library card and PIN. Please see the Social Media Policy for more information about commenting on the website.

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