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Queens Library's mission is to meet the needs of the community by offering lifelong learning opportunities, ensuring there is a positive impact in the community.    Queens Library fulfills its goals by embracing innovation and change.   With a history of offering pioneering programs that meet the diverse needs of the most diverse county in the US, Queens Library is a leader in the library sector and a place where innovation and leaders are welcomed.

Experience Innovation

Queens Library adapts with the times and needs of its community by not only investing in technology but ensuring its impact. The Queens Library mobile app is a signature project, which enables immediate access to the virtual digital library from any location with an iPhone or Android smartphone 24/7.  The app has been downloaded by over 10,000 people and continues to grow daily.

Experience Programs

Innovation isn’t limited to digital projects at Queens Library.  Queens Library became a pioneer in the field of Early Childhood Learning by becoming the first library in the US to offer Universal Pre-K.  This project continues to break new ground for the Queens Library by providing a unique and nurturing learning environment to meet the needs of families in our Woodside branch community.

Queens Library offers an amazing number and diversity of programs that include adult literacy, early childhood education, after-school programs, STEAM, citizenship and immigration, job training, high school equivalency education, ESOL, self-publishing, arts and culture, healthcare and fitness, programs for older adults and much more.   The depth, breadth and number of programs that are developed by the staff are staggering and a testament to their commitment and passion.

Experience Community

Queens Library serves over 2.3 million residents of Queens which speak over 190 different languages. This presents unique experiences and opportunities to engage and learn about a broad variety of cultures that is only found in Queens, a true global melting pot.  Queens offers unique experiences -- indulge in New York’s biggest Chinatown in Flushing, shop for saris in Jackson Heights, or inhale the exotic aromas of coffee and hookahs in Astoria.

Experience Leadership

Queens Library is led by a dynamic leadership team with a clear and ambitious vision.  The leadership team's influence is not limited to Queens Library but regularly involves engaging  with elected and government officials in NYC and NY State, community based organizations and other non-profit organizations. 

Experience NYC

Queens Library is located in NYC, one of the most dynamic and exciting cities of the world.  No other city in the world offers the combination of arts, culture, nightlife, people, entertainment, and sports.  NYC 1 and Queens offers a lifetime of experiences.

Experience Powerful People

Queens Library has over 1,600 employees that work in 65 physical locations throughout the borough.  Our employees are as diverse as the borough of Queens and dedicated to the communities they service.  Whether it is education, health, job training or the latest book the employees of Queens Library are passionate about their mission to make a positive impact.  

Experience Powerful Places

Each of our 65 locations in Queens is a vital part of the community they serve.   As the needs of the community have changed it was a priority that our physical locations change to meet their needs.  We’re transforming our physical spaces to include more technology, be more environmentally friendly and be gathering places for the community. The Glen Oaks Library is a testament to our commitment and it has won several awards for its design including the American-Architects: 2014 Building of the Year.

Experience Comprehensive Benefits

Excellent salary and our comprehensive benefits package includes generous vacation/sick pay, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, pension, 403B, deferred compensation and more. We're also known worldwide for our excellent training, staff development, professional networking opportunities and the diversity of our professionals. View complete benefits information.